Purpose Alignment
  Your goals should align with your purpose in life and also strike a synergy with your entertainment interests.  In thinking back to the formative years it's very easy to remember instances where you might have shared your liking of a certain genre or celebrity with other classmates and the most popular kid in school spoke up and stated: "so and so sucks!"  and to add salt to your wound he or she would state: and anybody who likes his or her music (product) is a _ _ _ _!!

Bullying is an evil form of values lobbying perpetrated by children whose parents fell short of certain goals in the lifetime career of being a parent!

The Billionaire Mindset is a focus which is mostly immune to other people's opinions.  I know a very successful Real Estate Developer who grew up loving WWF Professional Wrestling.  Several of his classmates picked on him for this interest; some claiming that wrestling is staged and fake etc but because he had a father with a billionaire mindset who taught him the value of "self" he continued on with his interest and he now owns both a real estate and a wrestling industry empire!
  • Children raised right can develop the self esteem needed to cling to their own interests; private schools can be a solution!
  • Adults who were raised improperly are in need of purpose alignment and more trust in thy self!
  • Billionaires who fell into money are in need of something more challenging and a change of pace!
Q.) How do you identify purpose?
A.) Examine your passions and what you focused on in each decade of your life.  

For example: Doctor Samplesmith was passionate about surfing when he was a child in the 1990's.  In the early 2000's he was passionate about wine. A decade later became obsessed with Fiji after falling in love with the culture and cleanliness. 

Now in 2024 he is about to combine his lifelong interests: Surfing, Wine and Fiji by opening a wellness retreat in Fiji which offers: wine bar promoting his own red wine packed with healthy polyphenols, surfboards for rent, surfing lessons and a bed and breakfast.  Doctor Samplesmith is now on track to pull in revenues from multiple sources which is he passionate about!

Your Starting Point

After realizing your purpose alignment write down exactly what it is that you would like to achieve; don’t be afraid to think big yet set achievable goals based on where you are.  If you are a freshman in college with the goal of eventually playing in the NBA focus mainly on that goal and master the sport with focus and practice.  Stand directly under the basketball hoop and shoot easy shots until you can make 50 in a row without missing one.  Then move on to the free throw line and stay there and keep throwing balls at the net until you make 10 in a row without a miss. It might take a few months and several thousand attempts before you are able to do this.  Then move behind the key until you can make two shots in a row.  In the meantime, while the other students are using their free time for partying, you are using your free time practicing and learning from masters of the sport.  Seek out the best coaches and ask advice only from those whom are or have been in the position you aspire to be in.  While practicing ALWAYS experiment with your own creative ideas.  Try throwing a free throw with your right wrist tilted at a different angle. Try soaking your hands in salt water before playing.  Perhaps drink a tablespoon of olive oil before practice.  Self-made billionaires and ultra-successful people never lack in creativity and wonderment.  When you are not practicing you should be day dreaming and wondering what might make a difference. 

Was there something in your math class today which made a difference? 

Did the teacher in your psychology class last week talk about Maslow’s theory of hierarchical needs?  Think about Maslow’s Pyramid and how it could affect the game of basketball.  Which level are you on now?  Where will you go?  How will you get there?


If there is one common denominator about ultra-successful it’s the fact that their brains never stop working.  They never stop thinking and they are always wondering.

Do you have what it takes and enough brain energy?  We will reveal some brain bio-hacking strategies later in the book. 

Long Term Goals

Make two sets of goals both with timelines for achievement. Print them out on two separate pages. The realistic goals should be encased within a simple acrylic paper holder. The goals which you think would be the ultimate mark of success in your industry or genre should be encased in a fine golden plaque or other respectable frame which motivates you and stimulates neuronal activity every time you look at it.

Realistic Goals:
• Publish my Motivation Book | 1 year
• Purchase a Land Rover Evoque | 1 year
• Become Debt Free | 2 years
• Become a homeowner | 3 years
• Meet the love of my life | 4 years
• Travel to Fiji and relax for a month | 5 years

Billionaire Thinking:

• Publish the bestselling motivational book of all time | 5 years
• Have a collection of fine vintage automobiles | 4 years
• Have 5 billion invested in America and 5 billion diversified offshore | 3 years
• Have a beautiful family both nuclear and extended | 2 years
• Travel the globe on a daily basis at will | Activated Immediately with Synergy