How do successfull people find creativity and become more creative themselves?

  • Notice your surroundings all of the time!  Observe and ask yourself could any aspect in that element which I just noticed in my surroundings be improved upon?  i.e. you are at a local sports bar and paid attention to the fact that your beer is already warm.  So after noticing this fact you ask yourself the question: hmmm, how could this bottle of beer be kept cold for a half hour without the need to incorporate a device which has already been invented?  Then think about it for awhile, think about other things which have been cold and is there a way to replicate or reinvent such a process yet for a single item?  Thinking of course about cost-effectiveness later but the creative part must come first.  Allow your brain to flow freely on the creative aspect.  Perhaps part of this process involves buying beers for others in the bar and also asking them! Creative process is even stronger when groups of people are allowed to contribute.