The Bath and Tennis Club
  1. Beachfront Location: Situated along the pristine beaches of Palm Beach, the club offers members direct access to the beautiful oceanfront. Members can enjoy the private beach and indulge in various water activities.

  2. Elegant Facilities: The Bath and Tennis Club boasts elegant and well-maintained facilities, including a historic clubhouse. The architecture and design contribute to a sophisticated and upscale atmosphere.

  3. Tennis Facilities: As the name suggests, the club places a strong emphasis on tennis. Members can access top-notch tennis facilities, including well-maintained courts and professional coaching services.

  4. Fine Dining: The club offers exquisite dining experiences with a focus on gourmet cuisine. Members can enjoy upscale dining options in a refined and elegant setting.

  5. Social Events: The Bath and Tennis Club hosts exclusive social events, providing opportunities for members to connect with one another in a sophisticated and enjoyable atmosphere. These events may include galas, parties, and cultural gatherings.

  6. Fitness and Wellness: The club often provides fitness and wellness facilities, including state-of-the-art gyms and spa services. Members can engage in fitness activities and indulge in relaxation treatments.

  7. Private Cabanas: For a luxurious beach experience, members may have access to private cabanas. These cabanas offer a secluded and comfortable space to enjoy the beach in style.

  8. Membership Privileges: Membership at The Bath and Tennis Club typically comes with exclusive privileges, which may include access to reciprocal arrangements with other prestigious clubs, enhancing the overall membership experience.

  9. Personalized Services: Members often benefit from personalized and attentive services, creating a high-end and comfortable environment. This may include concierge services, valet parking, and other amenities designed to meet members' needs.

  10. Cultural and Recreational Activities: The club may organize cultural and recreational activities, such as art exhibits, lectures, and special events. These offerings add diversity to the member experience beyond the traditional beach and tennis amenities.