Bukharian and live in Florida?  Please get ahold of Sephardic Press Newspaper at once if you'd like to submit an article, recipe or news item.  Or if you're seeking a business opportunity.  Perhaps an opportunity to sell advertising space to the local Bukharian community! 

The word Bukharan or as commonly known: Bukharian comes from a city in Uzbekistan by the name of Bukhara.  Yet Bukharian people come from many different part of central Asia including Tajikstan and Kyrgyzstan.  The Bukharians are known as the Isroil Tribe and they speak a unique Persian-Judeo language by the name of Bukhori.  The community existed in mountainous regions of Russia which was cut off from the Jewish world at large.  This rough terrain was conquered by many Muslims (Musallmen) and they local Jewish community stopped being observant.  In 1793 Rabbi Joseph Maman Maghribi arrived and re-introduced the local tribe back to their own Sephardic style Judaism.  Rabbi Maman was also the founder of Zion movement yet it was at a time when they called Israel Palestine.  He encouraged  the local community to make Aliyah to the holy land and thanks in part to him there are probably now about 150,000 Bukharians residing in Israel. 

The Florida Residents congregate at Bukharian Sephardic Jewish Center on Royal Palm Ave in Miami Beach, FL.